The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers do not like each other and it shows every time these two teams take the court. The Clippers lost tonight, but they were without their two star players: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. On Andre Iguodala bobble-head night, the Warriors looked great offensively, but they committed too many turnovers. Steph Curry led the way with 24 points. Check out our instant recap:

1st Quarter

The Los Angeles Clippers didn’t roll with their regulars tonight. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul would rest and sit out the entire night. Sitting out for the Warriors was David Lee; replaced by Ogjnen Kuzmic and Harrison Barnes was reinserted back into the starting five in place of Andre Iguodala. The “Splash Brothers” came out hot and ready to fire, scoring ten straight points to grab an early 14-7 lead. The Warriors played great team defense on a possession which led to a Curry block on Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan on the block. The Warriors caught a snag on offense which led to a Spencer Hawes three-point shot to break an 18 all tie. On his own bobblehead night, Iguodala ended the drought with a long ball. Festus Ezeli saw his first NBA action and quickly made his presence felt on a huge blocked shot. The Clippers have slowly pulled away again to a 30-21 lead until Ezeli backed down Epke Udoh and dropped in baby jump hook. The defense had been below average with many mental mistakes like fouling shooters on three point jump shots. Ezeli continued to show his worth by slamming home an Iggy alley-oop pass. At the end of the first, the Warriors found themselves down 33-27.

2nd Quarter

Justin Holiday joins Leandro Barbosa, Ezeli, Iguodala, and Green to start the second. Iggy continued to lead the second unit dropping dimes and making shots. Ezeli gets subbed out by Kuzmic and got an ovation from the home crowd. In two minutes, the Warriors went on a 7-0 run to reduce the lead to one until Iguodala found Holiday for another alley-oop slam. At the first timeout of the quarter, the Warriors then led 38-35. At the 7:46 mark, Curry entered the floor with a Golden State two point lead. Curry made an assist to Holiday who dropped in a three-pointer to move the lead to eight forcing an LA timeout. In a close but high scoring half, the Warriors have already committed 15 turnovers. At the half, the Warriors sneak a Thompson three to take the lead 62-60. Curry finished the quarter to lead the Warriors with 12 points.

3rd Quarter

Tonight’s starting five came back on the court to start the third quarter. Thompson made a signature hook pass to an open Curry who then sank a long two point jumper. Around a Lee pick from the top of the three-point line, Curry splashed home a long three to help the Warriors stretch their lead to six. At the 8:31 mark, the Warriors led 72-66. Out of the timeout, Thompson blocked a jump shot attempt and finished on the offensive end with a beautiful layup. Curry found Lee with a behind the back pass to get him an easy layup; then Lee returned the favor with a dish back to Curry. Lee slammed home a Curry missed layup to get the lead to 82-69. The Warriors had taken over the game and had momentum on their side. As quickly as the Warriors took control, the Clippers come back strong and reduced the lead down to six. Barnes said “no chance” to Jamal Crawford and denied his attempt to score in the lane. After three quarters, the Warriors take a twelve point lead up 97-85

4th Quarter

Holiday continued to impress by opening the quarter with a three-pointer and an alley-oop lob to Ezeli. During his short stints, Ezeli has looked pretty good on both ends. The “Blur” went by the Clippers defense for a reverse layup. With six minutes to go, the Warriors remain in front 111-94. For those keeping track, these players competing for a roster spot: Jason Kapono, Aaron Craft, James Michael McAdoo, Sean Kilpatrick, and Mitchell Watt still have not seen the floor. With a little over four minutes, Kapono subbed in for Curry to end his night. With most the reserves out, the Warriors boasted a 121-101 lead. Kapono got on the board as he got a Kuzmic pick and pass to make a long two. The Warriors leave victorious, 125-107.