What to Improve on:

Simple, the Warriors need to cut down on turnovers. If this team can clean up the bad passes, they’ll be a legitimate contender. With each game, the numbers are going down, but tonight they finished with 18. It would be really nice to see the number dip below 15 on a consistent basis.

Free Throws:
These shots are called “Free” throws for a reason. All jokes aside, it would be great to see the team shoot about 75%. The lineup is capable of hitting midrange shots, and these free throws never change. It’s the same thing over and over. In tight games, free throws will prove to be crucial. Against the Lakers, the Warriors finished 21-of-31 from the charity stripe for an underwhelming 68%. That simply won’t cut it. There is no reason the Warriors should not be one of the top free throw shooting teams in the NBA, especially with the likes of Curry and Thompson on the floor.

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What Worked?

Warriors Team
In the first half the team had 19 assists on 23 made shots. Those once-dreaded days of putting up a shot after one pass are over. This team is getting their act together and doing it well. At the final buzzer, they had 33 assists on the night.

The team came ready to play and it showed. The Lakers looked very sluggish and the Warriors were the complete opposite; hence the score in the first quarter. The second quarter could’ve easily been a letdown as the team had a large lead. This wasn’t the case as the Warriors outscored the Lakers in the second 24-23. The Warriors would go on to outscore the Lakers in every quarter to continuously increase their lead. The Warriors played with a purpose and they look like a team that is primed to be a force to be reckoned with.

What Did Not Work?

It’s really hard to complain and find flaws as the Warriors were playing great on both ends. At the end of the first half, the Warriors had already nearly doubled up the Lakers’ score (63-36). The game was a complete blowout as the Warriors defeated the Lakers with the score of 116-75. Surely the Warriors had an enjoyable flight back to the Bay Area, they came to Los Angeles and went undefeated, but more importantly they’ve build great confidence as they approach the regular season.

Difference Maker:

Warriors Backcourt:
The “Splash Brothers” were simply off the charts. They started off really hot; shooting 7-of-10 from the field and 6-of-9 from three-point distances. Both players got their own 4-point play opportunities and converted the free throws to complete the sequence. They went up against the Lakers’ starting guards of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. Although those two are guaranteed Hall-of-Famers, they couldn’t contain either player.

Intensity: The Warriors scored first and never let up. From the opening tip, they continued to play together and kept their foot on the pedal. Mental toughness and the killer instinct will only help this team come playoff time.

Play of the Night:

This game’s best play has to be Curry’s three-pointer in Kobe’s grill. With the game out of reach, this was pretty much a confidence shot. Kobe had picked up Curry on the inbound pass from the other free throw line. Once Curry passes the half court line, he actually slips but maintains his dribble to take a “Steph-esque” three from deep!

The other nomination is Curry and Thompson’s four point play. Yes, Curry did complete a four point play on Thursday against the same Lakers but in this game, Klay got an opportunity too.

Coach’s Grade:

Whatever Steve Kerr told the team before the game, he needs to do it again. The Warriors came to the Inland Empire with the mentality that they were superior and to win. That was definitely the case and it showed on court but we must be reminded that this is only the third pre-season game. In the end, these games are only confidence boosters.

Defense’s Grade:

The defense started off on the right foot. Quickly running away with this game, they held the Lakers to only 13 points in the first quarter. There are a lot of facets on the defensive end that isn’t measured on score sheets. These small but fundamental things can basic like help defense and simply being in the right place at the right time to force pressure or taking away passing lanes. The defensive rotations were on point and kept the Lakers scrambling to find offense.