Last month, the Golden State Warriors proposed a new 12-acre sports and entertainment center in Mission Bay.

As designed by Snohetta, the 18,000-seat arena is sited on the eastern portion of the Mission Bay site, with two office buildings on the western corners along Third.  Up to 90,000 square feet of retail would be concentrated within the ground floor of the office buildings and in a Market Hall along Terry Francois Boulevard at the east end of South Street.

Snohetta was retained from the Warriors’ original Pier 30/32 design team. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Snohetta is an internationally recognized, award winning architectural design firm. They are most notably known for the design of the Oslo Opera House and Bilbiotheca Alexandrina (http://snohetta.com/project/5-bibliotheca-alexandrina).   Locally, Snohetta designed the SFMOMA expansion, currently under construction and slated for completion in early 2016.


The new arena is expected to contain approximately same seating capacity as the initial Pier 30/32, however external architecture differs from the original design. The Warriors and Snohetta noted this is to reflect the landscape and design of the Mission Bay landscape v. the pier waterfront.

The Mission Bay site is bounded by 3rd, 16th and South Streets, and Terry Francois Boulevard to the east.  For reference, it is approximately 0.7 miles south of AT&T park:


Mission Bay represents an easier building location for a variety of reasons. The Warriors do not have to deal with engineering and site rehabilitation concerns of the Pier (estimated to cost well over $100 million). Mission Bay has a development plan clearly outlining heights of buildings allowed in the district. The Pier did not have this and was subject to scrutiny and votes from residential committees of the surrounding communities. This was always a stumbling block for the Warriors or any potential waterfront developer.

The Warriors Arena Development team solicited initial qualifications packets from interested firms for a wide array of design services in late June. The Arena Development team is expected to seek final from design consultants shortly, while construction phase consultants will be decided in 2015. The team’s goal is to have the Arena open for the 2018-19 season.

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