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Steph Curry is arguably one of the best shooters in the NBA and could go down as one of the best of all-time. Only a handful of players can actually compete with Curry and one of those players is his fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thompson. Part of the reason both Curry and Thompson are representing Team USA in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball is their ability to shoot the rock.

Curry knows he’s a sharpshooter, but who does he believe are the top five shooters in the NBA? In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Curry answered the question and some of his responses should come at no surprise. (Via: CSN Bay Area):

His answer: “Myself, probably my teammate Klay Thompson, the guy who held the longest game streak of making a 3, Kyle Korver, and Steve Novak I would probably put in that Top 5, too … I forgot about Ray Allen. Yeah, Ray Allen.”

Curry’s list seems pretty accurate, it’s hard to argue against the five players he named. Korver and Thompson would often hold shooting exhibitions during practice and Ray Allen continues to fight father time and remain an elite level shooter.

Curry was then asked who he believed are the top five shooters of all time and his answers are a bit predictable:

“Gotta put Reggie Miller, gotta put Dell Curry, my dad, myself, Steve Kerr and Ray Allen.”

Curry’s top five shooters of all-time is an impressive list that include himself, Reggie Miller, his father and his head coach. Some might want to believe he only chose Dell Curry and Steve Kerr because of his association with both, but they have the numbers to back it up. Kerr holds the best three point field goal percentage of all time at .454 and Dell hit 1,245 three pointers in his career.

Thompson might find himself in that list when he finally hangs up his sneakers, but only time will tell. As of now, it is safe to say that the Splash Brothers are easily one of the better shooting backcourts of all-time.