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It has been a quiet month of August for the Golden State Warriors. Today, the finally gave us something to talk about. The team signed Leandro Barbosa to a one year deal for the veteran minimum in hopes it will give the bench some much needed depth. The 31-year-old shooting guard will be playing for Brazil in the FIBA World Cup, which will be a good indicator of how much he has left in the tank. The acquisition of Barbosa got our Warriors World Forum a bit more active today and that was the main topic of conversation. Now, fans want to know what the Warriors will do next. They don’t have much salary cap flexibility, but they could use some more bigs. Other topics discussed involve the Raiders and 49ers and the NFL’s change on domestic violence. Check out today’s best topics on our forum:

Warriors are $4.55M below the luxury tax threshold, but are limited to a $1.21M TPE and vet mins.

Andray Blatche..Gilas Pilipinas to GSW?

with barbora in, aaron craft OUT? 

Crazy stat of the day: The W’s were 28.5 pp100 possessions better w/Dray at PF in the playoffs.

Statistically speaking, Team USA leaps and bounds ahead of the field 

Leandro Barbosa Suns 2014 Season Highlights

Livingston, Rush and Barbaro feel like Cohan-era signings. Discuss.

WOW NFL just got serious on domestic violence

damn meyers is a G. maybe he lost out on love but damn he put some role players on our squad

Highlights from Barbosa’s best game last season

Barbosa reminds me of jordan Crawford 

Maybe Ezeli is progressing better than we think. Because they don’t….

I really like the additions of Livingston, Rush and now Barbosa… next