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The Warriors have done very well in the NBA draft and that’s the reason they find themselves as one of the best teams in the Western Conference. They brought in a new head coach in Steve Kerr to make them a title contender and with Steph Curry leading the charge, there is no reason the Warriors won’t be competing for a Larry O’Brien trophy for years to come.

Andre Iguodala was brought to Golden State because of his ability to play excellent defense and his veteran leadership. As a member of the starting five last year, Iguodala was very effective, but the bench unit struggled. According to Diamond Leung of the San Jose Mercury News, Kerr could potentially change up the starting five with much depth at the small forward position:

“Andre (Iguodala) started last year, which he probably will (again), but there’s a lot of options that we have because we’ve got really good players in Harrison (Barnes) and Draymond (Green),” Kerr said, adding that he would likely use the same lineup as last season. “But most of it usually comes down to how the combination fits. … How do the pieces of the puzzle fit?”

While it makes sense to start Iguodala, if the bench production continues to be minimal, this is something that Kerr must consider. Iguodala’s offensive numbers dipped a bit last year, but with Curry and Klay Thompson carrying the load, he was able to focus more on the defensive end. If Iguodola is able to come off the bench, he will likely be asked to carry a bigger role on offense and he is capable of it.

Before arriving in the Bay Area, Iguodala averaged 15.1 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game. Either Draymond Green or Harrison Barnes would take Iguodala’s place in the starting five, but who would be the better fit? While it is too early to say, don’t be surprised if Kerr changes things up as the season progresses. 

2 Responses

  1. Oh Rudi

    Igudala should coming off the bench. Barnes actually scored more in fewer minutes and was better in the starting role the year before. Igudala will be GREAT off the bench. He can play a ton of minutes at four positions.
    It’ll be hard for coaches to plan against and will give Kerr a lot to play with.

    If not It’s going to be really hard to watch them underutilize Barnes again and pigeon hole Igudala at one position. They shouldn’t have messed with Barnes last year… Doing it again will only mean more of the same.

    StArting five


    Very solid, got to second round in 12-13

    Now the bench

    Pencil in names

    That is a very strong 8 man rotation. As good as Jack, Landry, green? We will see. Hopefully the Ws FO didn’t outsmart themselves

  2. Raj Kanani

    Barnes and Green are best-suited to be stretch-4’s… not 3’s…