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The rivalry between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers has picked up steam in the last couple of years and it’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting match-ups to watch in the NBA. These two teams do not like each other and it’s apparent every time they meet on the hardwood.

The NBA season will officially begin on October 28, but it’s going to take even longer for the Clippers and Warriors to meet in the regular season. According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, the Warriors will visit Los Angeles and take on the Clippers on Christmas Day:

After losing a thrilling seven game series in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, the Warriors are likely anxious to get another shot at their division rivals. Now, on a day that is supposed to be filled with happiness and joy, the Clippers and Warriors will battle it out on the court. This will be the second consecutive year that these two teams will face each other on Christmas Day, however, last year’s match-up was at Oracle Arena.

The Warriors will also see the Clippers twice in the pre-season. Don’t expect a heated contest in either of those pre-season games, but you never know what could happen when they take the floor. The Warriors are coming into the season with high expectations and it starts with winning the division and beating the Clippers in the process.