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At one point and time the idea of Kevin Love in a Warriors’ uniform was not only appealing, but a real possibility. Steph Curry alongside Love would easily give the Warriors and incredible pick-and-roll duo. However, that is no longer the case and it looks Love is well on his way to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Curry is a player on the rise and recognizes that he’s close to getting the Warriors to the next level. According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, Curry knows Love will not be his teammate next season and is confident about the Warriors with the current roster in place:

One place angst does not reside is in the mind of Golden State’s Stephen Curry, who said Wednesday he’s as certain as he can be that Love will not be his teammate next season.

“It’s a good thing that guys are wanted around the league and those conversations are happening,” Curry said after Team USA practice. “But there’s a reason that we haven’t made the trade, and I’m pretty sure guys are pretty confident in that and ready to come back to training camp ready to go.”

The Warriors are coming off a season where they were ousted in the first round of the playoffs against their division rival Los Angeles Clippers. They didn’t have their big man Andrew Bogut and missed his dominating presence in the paint. The Warriors have been unlucky with injuries these last two seasons and haven’t been able to make much noise in the playoffs. With another year of experience under their belt and first year head coach Steve Kerr, the Warriors are entering the 2014-15 campaign with high expectations.

Coach Kerr is hoping he’s able to run a more efficient offense than last year and with both “Splash Brothers” at his disposal, he should have a lot of fun putting together his offensive playbook. The Warriors didn’t make drastic changes this off-season, but were able to make some key additions. They might not have gotten the big fish, but Shaun Livingston and Brandon Rush will fit well with this team. Curry’s optimism is encouraging and all Warriors fans should be excited about the Warriors’ chances next season.