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Today was a surprisingly quiet day in the NBA. Other than the Lakers hiring a new coach and Shelvin Mack signing a deal with the Atlanta Hawks, everyone waits for the next big move to happen. It wouldn’t be a complete day without mentioning Love and there was some new news about him earlier today. Love has chosen to withdraw from Team USA. According to his agent, he doesn’t want to risk getting hurt while a number of teams are seeking his services. Our Warriors World Forums talked a little about the Giants and Athletics, but coach Steve Kerr was also a main topic of conversation. Until Love is traded, the forums will continue talking about him. Check out the best forum topics below:

Sure could have used some of this action in the playoffs…. 

sgning blatche cheap could help w/ our center injury woes

One advantage of David Lee, Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson over Kevin Love

Bballbreakdown:If the Warriors can master what Kerr appears to be installing (based on SL) there wou

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Offensive Preview

Jake Peavy to Giants 

BBALLBREAKDOWN tweet: Warriors were 12th in OffRtg last year. I predict Top 3 finish this year.

Spears tweets re: Team USA 

Which player will have a better NBA career — Klay Thompson or Andrew Wiggins? 

@Dlee042: No other way I would rather start my morning in Malibu than a random NBA drug test!