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The Golden State Warriors had another quiet day, as everyone in the NBA continues to wait for any new developments on Kevin Love. The Warriors have been in the chase for Love since the off-season started, which is why most fans are growing impatient with the situation. Warriors fans are split on the Klay Thompson dilemma, should they keep him because he can play on both ends of the court? Or do they risk it all to add one of the better players in the NBA. Our Warriors World Forum talked a lot about Love and Thompson, but also had some entertaining post that had nothing to do with the Love saga. Check them out below:

You have $15 to make an NBA All-time starting lineup…

ESPNSteinLine: Cavs can’t trade Wiggins for 30 days BUT Bulls can’t get KLove, either

Blake Griffin withdraws from US national team

guys, we got to move on with kevin Love..W’s should bolster their center slot..

Warriors World Internship

list of big men in the NBA today who are better than Love… ready, set, go

It seems like the guys who watch Klay play everyday like Steph think he’s a star

ESPNSteinLine: ESPN sources say that, as things stand, Minnesota likes the Cavs’ Wiggins-led offer

ATTN Love Debunkers: Another article (with stats!) on Love’s value…

david lee was an all-star last year and is a double double guy. he isnt throw away material