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It is getting to a point where talking about Kevin Love is getting tiresome and there seems to be no end in sight. The Chicago Bulls were the latest team to be considered the “favorites” to pull of a deal for Love, but that title has been easy to lose from what we’ve seen unravel in the last few weeks. The Timberwolves have to trade Love and they technically have until the trade deadline in February to do so, but with each passing day they are hoping another leader emerges with a better offer for their All-Star power forward.

The Timberwolves’ head coach Flip Saunders, who also happens to be the President of Basketball Operations is handling the Love situation with patience and will not take anything less than equal value for the 25-year-old. Each team with aspiration of landing Love must be prepared to include some valuable assets. The Cleveland Cavaliers could offer number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins, which would give Minnesota a potential All-Star in the making, but according to Marc Stein of ESPN, Saunders is a big fan of one of the splash brothers:

Saunders has a great deal of power in the Timberwolves’ front office and he ultimately has the final say in this matter. Saunders obviously wants Thompson, but that continues to be a deal breaker for the Warriors. Without Thompson, the Warriors don’t have the players or picks to compete with the Bulls or Cavs.

Unless the Warriors’ front office changes their stance on Thompson, landing Love is a long shot. After being the favorites to land the three time All-Star, they are now at a distant third. The Warriors don’t want to lose their defensive identity, but with the current roster in place, they weren’t able to get out of the first round. The addition of Love would give the Warriors another top five NBA player and make them one of the favorites in the West.

3 Responses

  1. wil

    Saunders wants too much from us. I would trade for K Love for just K Thompson and D Lee, but Minnesota has to give us Levine

    • J Haskins

      Exactly. I wouldn’t feel so bad about losing Thompson if we could get Zach Levine. He looks like a young Kobe when he first came into the league.

    • thecity2

      LaVine, guys. Let’s try to get his name right before putting him in hypothetical trades.