The Huddle welcomes in Corey Smith (a former scout for the Orlando Magic) to discuss the upsides of trading Klay Thompson, the downsides of trading Klay, and whether the Warriors should make the move for Kevin Love.

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One Response

  1. methuselah46

    Just more of the usual BS that grossly undervalues David Lee and ignores the fact that Minny is under pressure to find Love a new home. They can trade him or lose him for zip. It’s obvious that the Cleveland deal doesn’t really appeal to them. It’s just a bargaining strategy to pry Klay loose from the Dubs.

    DLee + Klay is, IMHO, no better than Love + Martin & the $$ is less. At best, the combination is only a marginal upgrade. On top of that, trading those 2 risks destroying a very strong locker room culture.