Iggy Warriors

This year’s free agency period has been somewhat boring for the Golden State Warriors. The Kevin Love trade rumors got everyone riled up, but other than the Shaun Livingston acquisition, the Warriors are looking very similar to last year’s squad. Last year, they acquired Andre Iguodala in a sign and trade deal with the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz.

Iguodala is entering his 11th season in the league and is now 30 years old. While Iguodala is considered one of the more athletic defenders in the league, he is not getting any younger. Iguodala recognizes that he must take care of his body and according to Marcia Martinez of The State Journal Register, Iguodala uses yoga to prepare his body for the rigors of the NBA:

“Once you play five or six years, it starts to take a toll on your body,” he said. “You’ve got to really keep up, keep it in tune with all your muscles and make sure you’re not overusing one muscle for another . . . keeping sure everything is in balance.”

Iguodala works individually with Kent Katich, the Los Angeles Clippers’ full-time yoga instructor and only one in the NBA.

“Once you try it out, you get the understanding of some of the moves that are incorporated into basketball that are from yoga like sweep throughs, being on your toes and just having good balance, and being able to last for 82 games,” Iguodala said

Several NBA players have turned to yoga to help them handle an 82 game season and Iguodala is no different. The Warriors need Iguodala on the floor and with the miles are racking up. Iguodala is currently the Warriors’ lock down defender and yoga helps him handle the other team’s best perimeter player on a nightly basis. Iguodala might want to get more of his teammates involved in yoga, which could prevent injuries and improve the Warriors’ chances of winning a title.