Andre Iguodala has been Klay Thompson’s number one fan since they became teammates last summer.  Iguodala routinely praised Thompson throughout the 2013-14 season and spoke about getting Klay more shots in an effort to secure a bigger payday during the summer.

Iguodala appeared on Sirius XM radio earlier today and again showered Thompson with praise along with making it clear that the Warriors shouldn’t trade Thompson.  Iguodala also believes Thompson should and will receive a max deal this off-season.

“I want to clear that up right now. We should not trade Klay Thompson. “I tell Klay this every day. I text Klay and say, ‘Don’t worry. I’m your man. I’m going to make sure you get paid. I’m going to get you the max (contract). You’ll be taken care of. Don’t stress.’

“Klay really loves it in the Bay, and this is his first time going through trade rumors, and I’ve been through it many times, especially being in Philly. But Klay is my main man. I love Klay to death. One of my favorite people in the world even though he doesn’t speak. But we’re going to get Klay paid this year. He’s going to be a Warrior for life.

“If I’m any other team, I’d take Klay as well, so I don’t know. You’ve got to look at the pros out of it. I tell Klay this: ‘Listen, if they’re talking about trading you for Kevin Love, that means you’re getting Kevin Love money.’”

(You can read more from the interview HERE via Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group.)

The Kevin Love rumors have been non-stop since the NBA Finals ended with the Warriors being the most talked about destination.  The Warriors willingness to include Klay in a potential deal for Love has been the sticking point thus far with the Warriors Front Office being torn as to whether or not to part with their prized shooting guard.

It should be an interesting next two weeks as we wait to see how the NBA Draft and Free Agency shake out.