Minnesota Timberwolves v Boston Celtics

Another day and another Kevin Love rumor. The Minnesota big man will be one of the most sought after players this off-season and the Timberwolves might be better served by moving him sooner rather than later. With one year left in his contract, the T-Wolves do hold some leverage, but the team trading for Love would have to have the right pieces and the assurance that he would sign an extension.

It had been reported that Love is interested in joining a team with a good nucleus and in contention for an NBA title. The Houston Rockets and Warriors both fit that description, but according to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report, Love would prefer the Warriors over the Rockets:

There is an array of teams that would be interested. I can only tell you this, sources close to the situation tell me that Love, if it’s a choice between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, would chose the Warriors.

This report is definitely good news for the Warriors, they would obviously need Love’s promise to sign an extension if they want to pull the trigger on a deal this off-season. Ultimately, the T-Wolves have the final say in this situation and there will be plenty of teams who will be interested in making a deal for Love.

The Warriors do look an ideal situation for Love, they have a young nucleus and an owner who is committed to bringing a championship to this franchise. The Rockets have also been tagged as a possible suitor for Love, but playing alongside Steph Curry and returning to the West Coast seems more appealing to the UCLA big man.

The chase for Love will only intensify, which will make the next three weeks leading up to the draft very interesting.