Draymond Green 3

The Golden State Warriors are going through some changes in multiple facets of the organization. With a new coach coming in and implementing a new system, some players might have to adjust to a new role next season. One of those players is Draymond Green, who will have a much bigger role next season after a breakout sophomore season.

Green was a steal in the 2012 draft, going in the second round with the 35th pick overall to the Warriors. He proved to be a valuable asset coming off the bench and could see a lot more playing time next season with this year under his belt. Green averaged 6.2 points and 5 rebounds a game last season, but according to Diamond Leung of Bay Area News Group, Green will be asked to become more of a three point shooter next season:

The age of the power forward might be coming to an end, the stretch four has become increasingly popular.  At 6’7″ Green is undersized for the position, but he plays much bigger than his height. He is athletic to run the floor and finish around the rim, but if he is able to consistently knock down the three, the Warriors would be better served. If he is able to stretch out the defense with his three point shooting, the Warriors will have more open space to work with. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the team’s best three point shooters, but having Green coming off the bench ready to knock down some long distance shots will give the Warriors a more dynamic offense.

With David Lee’s days in Golden State potentially coming to an end, the Warriors will likely make some moves this off-season, especially with no pick in this year’s draft. Green will have plenty of opportunities to hit open three point shots next season, hopefully he is able to capitalize.

4 Responses

  1. izadro

    Sorry, but last year was not his “breakout rookie season”. He was a second-year player.

    • Matthew Jacob Nakhla

      you do know they said “breakout sophomore player” right?

      • izadro

        You do know that Alex Torres did, in fact, state Draymond’s “breakout rookie season” when he first posted this article, right?You do know that when it was originally shared on FB, that various Warriors fans noticed not only that he made this statement, but that he emphasized this point to accentuate Draymond’s breakout, right? (I think he’s great, so absolutely nothing on Draymond.) You know that FB posters even posted YouTube videos of Draymond’s real rookie season, including his game-winning shot in Miami, to demonstrate that Draymond was not a rookie this last season, right? You also know that Alex Torres then deleted the FB post, updated this article ~10 hours later, and seems to have failed to update this comment thread, right? I’m sure he’s happy you’re his knight in shining armor, albeit 25 days late.

      • Matthew Jacob Nakhla

        i was just saying my comment cause in the first paragraph it has “breakout sophomore season.” i didnt notice the error on fb. and i just barely found this article yesterday when i was scrolling through my newsfeed.