Andrew Bogut appeared on the Grizz and Tizz from Way Downtown podcast (listen to the full interview HERE) during which he spoke on a variety of topics such as Mark Jackson, the criticism from Stephen A. Smith, Dante Exum and more.  Here are a few highlights from the podcast:

On Stephen A.Smith:

“He’s just a wanker, pretty much…”

Ed.Note: The definition of a “wanker” can be found here

On Mark Jackson:

“He was a players’ coach who had played in the NBA and knew about the grind and ups and downs of a season…He responded to the players much more than any coach I’ve had in the league”

On Rick Majerus:

“Very good coach…Little hard to deal with as a person and was tough on me going through college. He makes you question how much you love the game; that is what I’ll say about Rick Majerus.