Steve Kerr Warriors HC

The Golden State Warriors were one of the first teams with a coaching vacancy to hire a coach. The Warriors wasted no time and now Kerr can begin to implement his philosophies and game plan. However, Kerr is still under contract with TNT and must finish calling the Western Conference Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder. Kerr has been balancing his new duties as the Warriors head coach while still being part of the TNT broadcast team.

There is no doubt Kerr is eager to get to work in Golden State, but his time is currently limited. One of the first things Kerr must do is select a coaching staff. In a conversation with Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports, Kerr acknowledged that it has been difficult to finalize a coaching staff while still working for TNT: 

“Well it’s busy, but it’s all good. The hardest thing is responding to all the people who are looking for spots. Everybody is calling me about a spot on the (coaching) staff. I’ve got a million calls to make. That’s the hardest part. But I’m talking to (Warriors general manager) Bob Myers every day, and we’re working on the staff and I’m finishing up with Turner before I can head up to the Bay and I can get going full speed. I’m looking forward to that, and then I’m also having fun doing this last series with all my guys at Turner, so it’s great.”

Looks like Kerr has a lot of people who want to follow him to Golden State, but we probably won’t find out who he selects until the end of the Western Conference Finals. This season has not technically ended, so the Warriors are currently ahead of the curve, but it will be very interesting to see who Kerr and Meyers select to join Kerr’s coaching staff.

Kerr will have a line of quality coaches that want an opportunity to come to a team with a great foundation. Expect some coaches with head coaching experience to help Kerr in his first year as a head coach. Kerr has already admitted he wants to use some concepts of the triangle offense, but at a faster pace, which could mean a former Phil Jackson assistant could be on the way.