Change is always constant, but it could be something very intimidating after being used to doing things a certain way. The Warriors are already making some changes this off-season and more change could be on the way soon. After the last two years, it could be difficult to understand why the Warriors are making so many changes after being so successful.

The Warriors are bringing in a new coach who will bring in a new coaching staff and a new coaching philosophy. After getting used to Mark Jackson and his offensive system, the Warriors will implement a new offense, which means the Warriors will have a lot of learning to do. Andrew Bogut is one Warrior who is concerned with the implementation of a new system in Golden State according to his NBA blog:

Generally if you look at the teams battling it out in the Conference Finals you can see that they have been together for five or six years and this is what we are striving for.

It won’t be easy though as the Western Conference is so deep and we are starting off behind the eight ball heading into training camp with Steve Kerr coming in as coach as we will have to learn a new system as quickly as possible.

Bogut wants some consistency and wants to compete with the best teams in the NBA. After missing the first round because of a fractured rib, Bogut understands what it takes to contend for an NBA championship. Bogut feels the Warriors will be at a disadvantage because this will be year one of the Kerr era in Golden State and it will take some time before they can perfect his system. Team chemistry is extremely important and the Spurs are a great example of that.

The Warriors will have to learn quickly because the Warriors are expected to be one of the best teams in the NBA. Although change can be intimidating, the Warriors are in a championship or bust mode and they are hoping Kerr is the key to bringing an NBA title to Golden State.