David Lee Article

After a 51 win season, you would think that not much would change given the current success the Warriors have been experiencing. However, the Warriors are set on winning a championship and they have shook things up in hopes of bringing this franchise their first title since 1975. The hiring of Steve Kerr as the Warriors new head coach was the first step of the process, now the Warriors are looking to make some changes in the roster.

The Warriors do not have a draft pick in this year’s loaded NBA Draft, so that leaves them with no choice but to trade their current assets. It is no secret that the Warriors have tried to move David Lee in the past, but it is looking like a real possibility this off-season according to Marcus Thompson II of Bay Area News Group:

“But now, per a couple league sources, the Warriors have lowered the bar realizing they’ve got to come off that contract so they can go after a co-star for Stephen Curry. Plus, with Steve Kerr acknowledging he wants a stretch-four, which Lee is not, the writing is really on the wall for Lee.”

Looks like Lee’s days in the Bay Area are numbered, but the Warriors are having trouble moving him because of his contract. Not only is Lee’s contract an obstacle in any trade scenario, but his injury history is also alarming. The Warriors have now realized that they must lower their asking price for Lee if they want to find a team willing to take the money left in his contract.

Most Warriors fans would hope the Minnesota Timberwolves would trade Kevin Love for David Lee, but that is highly unlikely. Lee does have some possible suitors and the Warriors could gain some valuable talent :

“I’ve been told to watch out for Orlando as a potential trade partner for Golden State. They have cap space and after a second consecutive year finishing way down in the Eastern Conference standings, they need to make a move. They might be a taker for David Lee for the same reasons the Warriors were back in 2010: they need someone who can produce reliably and usher the franchise into respectability.”

Aaron Afflalo is the rumored Magic player to be included in a deal for Lee, which would give the Warriors a great disciplined wing player that is very good defensively. If the Warriors want to land Love they will have to include Klay Thompson in the deal, which would mean the end of the Splash Brothers. However, if the Warriors land Love and Afflalo replaces Thompson, one can argue that the Warriors improved from last season.

It is important to remember that all of this is speculation, but one thing that seems imminent is David Lee getting traded. Let’s hope the Warriors are able to get as much value as possible.