This week the Huddle gets an exclusive interview with Will Meldman, the Warriors fan that Blake Griffin drenched.

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4 Responses

  1. Walter Whack

    It discusts me that the NBA IS willing to turn a blind eye to what amounts to assault. Because Mr Griffen is a spoiled basketball player. If this were to happen anywhere else there would be a brawl. No matter whose team he plays for it was a cowardly act and the NBA Is protecting him.

    • CJ Set

      this poor, poor assault victim. Water, the lifesource. The nerve of BG, what a violent man! Quoth this victim, “I have no hard feelings towards Blake Griffin, no hard feelings!”

  2. Tommy Kelly

    I believe Mr. Meldman is 100% correct as to Mr. Griffin’s intent. God bless you, Mr. Griffin.