1992 NBA Three Point Competition

Steph Curry is quickly becoming one of the brightest and promising young superstars in the NBA and he is just beginning to scratch the surface. The Warriors are coming off an embarrassing loss against the Clippers in Game 2 of the opening round of the playoffs. However, while the Warriors were well on their way to a 40 point loss, Curry kept fighting for his team and scored 20 of his 24 points in the third quarter.

Curry’s heart and dedication is what has gotten him here to this point. As the son of Dell Curry, the former Sixth Man of the Year and the all-time leading scorer for the New Orleans Pelicans, he has grown up with a lot of expectations. Coming out of high school Curry wasn’t highly recruited, but that didn’t stop him from working his way to the top. In every step of his career Curry has had plenty of doubters, but has able to overcome every challenge and become the player he is today.

Curry will be featured in a segment on E:60, which will give everybody outside of the bay area a first look at one of the best players in the NBA. ESPN released a short trailer of Curry’s segment on Youtube. In the teaser Curry is being praised by his peers and President Barack Obama. If you want to watch the full story, make sure you tune into E:60 this Thursday at 4PM PST on ESPN.


h/t: Bleacher Report