Andrew Bogut loves to dominate the Clippers. This time around, he posted 14 points and 17 rebounds. Bogut is not the most spectacular center in the Association, but for Mark Jackson and the Warriors, he just works.

His level of play has the fans in Golden State excited. Last night, Bogut was all over the Warriors’ highlight-reel when he was not drilling 20-foot jumpers in the middle of the third, he was springing up and pinning layup attempts on the glass.

In the early stages of the first quarter, Blake Griffin had a semi-open lane to the rim. This situation usually results in a thunderous dunk, but Bogut had different plans for the Clippers’ leading scorer. Bogut put some pure athleticism on display as he rose up with Griffin and pinned his shot on the glass.

In the words of the great Austin Carr, “get that weak stuff outta here!”

Check out the video below: