We’re back for another episode and another edition of the Slander Session.

In our first segment we welcome WarriorsWorld and ESPN TrueHoop’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss to talk about David Lee, the immediate impact of Andre Iguodala and whether it’s safe to criticize Bob Myers yet.

In our final segment we take a few calls for another edition of the Slander Session. No drugs were taken during this recording.

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Jordan Ramirez

Jordan Ramirez is a 23 year-old Bay Area resident with a love for basketball and an obsession for everything worth obsessing over. Growing up and residing in San Jose, the Warriors have brought both tears of joy and sadness to his life (mostly the latter). When he's not sharing his thoughts on music, movies, pop culture and Kanye West you can find him writing for WarriorsWorld and hosting the WarriorsWorld podcast. Follow him on Twitter (@JRAM_91), IG: (JRAM_91) and e-mail him at (

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