We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

With excitment and hype for the team at an all-time high, we bring you the first of many episodes of the WarriorsWorld podcast for the 2013-14 season.

In our season preview show, we first touch on the three-year extension for C Andrew Bogut. I say it was the right move at the right time, Sheed disagrees. Let the debate ensue.

Next segment we give our winners of all the NBA hardware for this upcoming season: MVP, DPOY, COY, ROY and MIP. Also, we give our long awaited predictions for how the Warriors will finish this season and how far we have them going into the postseason.

Lastly, we talk about our run-in with the Los Angeles Clippers during our trip to Las Vegas last weekend and why I will keep the Clippers slander to a minumum from here on out.

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