Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes

Amin Elhassan covered this exact topic over at when discussing the burning questions of the Pacific division (Insider).

We have tackled this issue in various forms over at Warriors World. In discussing whether Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes was better suited for the role of starter, we broached the topic ever so slightly.

We went all in by suggesting Barnes should come off the bench in 2013-14 and enjoy a new role where he is a much different player compared to the one fans saw during the 2012-13 regular season.

I hate to quote myself here, but as Ron Burgundy would say, when in Rome:

However, coming off the bench places him in the exact same role he occupied with the Dubs during their postseason run. Whether he inserts the game for Bogut or Lee, Barnes once again becomes the small-ball power forward.

In that setting he will once again operate in sets that took full advantage of his skill set. The new version of Barnes the Warriors saw at the conclusion of 2012-13 is the one they hope to see going into 2013-14.

That last paragraph suggests that Iguodala’s presence will in fact help Barnes thrive, albeit in a second-unit role.’s Elhassan echoed that projection:

Iguodala’s versatility opens a wealth of options for Golden State by allowing them to push Barnes to the bench, where he’ll be able to take on second-string caliber opponents, then bring him back in to replace any position 1 through 4 (where Iguodala would slide over to point guard should Curry sit).

Mark Jackson’s job is to put the best five players in the starting lineup and in the event Barnes is one of them, he will play alongside the starters. However, there is a chance he will be a much better fit coming off the bench where he will cause carnage for opposing teams.

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  1. Julian Michelucci

    Andre Iguodala was the player the Warriors wanted before they got Harrison Barnes. Then they got Barnes in the draft and now they have both players. This will help Barnes find his game because he will get to play both the 3 and the 4 positions and I don’t see him getting any less minutes. Iguodala is the player we would like to see Barnes become, so who would teach Barnes better than the master himself?