The worldwide web has many things to offer on the Golden State Warriors. We went ahead and scoured the internet in an effort to relay all of this information to you. Enjoy.

  • It’s Dray Day in Detroit. Draymond Green shared with Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Press some information on the differences between Tom Izzo (his college coach) and Mark Jackson. Also, the Houston Rockets probably should not be expecting a post card anytime soon from Green.
  • CSN Bay Area breaks down the Golden State Warriors’ exhibition schedule. Slight hint: The Warriors play against Western Conference opponents… and in some cases the games are in China.
  • Eye on Basketball 2013 Offseason Report: Over at CBS Sports, Zach Harper wrote a detailed report of the Warriors’ 2013 offseason moves and gave the franchise a solid B+ for their moves.
  • Warriors Offseason Mixtape! The Warriors’ team page over at serves up highlights of David Lee’s 2012-13 season.
  • Bad News Barnes? The original nickname belongs to former NBA player Marvin Barnes, but Harrison Barnes might be borrowing it in 2013-14. Sekou Smith reports that the Warriors swingman has been bulking up during the 2013 offseason because of the Dubs’ new small-ball group.
  • Remember when the New York Knicks were going to get LeBron James in 2010? Seems like an eternity ago. The ‘Bockers sent David Lee to the Golden State Warriors and eventually used the cap room to sign Amar’e Stoudemire. What would have happened had Lee remained in New York though? Lee shared his thoughts on the matter with Marc Berman of the New York Post.
  • I already shared my thoughts on the Warriors’ 2013-14 national television schedule, but Rusty Simmons dug deeper over at the SF Gate and looked at the NBATV games as well as the length of the team’s road trips.

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