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First, my point in citing the last 20 games stat is that Dwight’s health improved dramatically. The back is a going concern but he’s proven that he’s healthy now, those are quality numbers.

Is he going to get that many touches with us?
Dubs play faster tempo than LA and Curry is far more unselfish than Kobe. W’s are a much better shooting team so Howard will have more space to move here than in LA. Teams fronted him and dared LA to shoot. Pitch a tent around him in Oakland and it’s raining made jumpers. Faster tempo, more passers, more spacing, touches aren’t an issue.

Is he going to bitch?
Dwight bitches when he loses. What he hates is teammates hogging the ball and not moving it. This team moves the ball.

Is he worth the assets we’ll have to give up?
Bogut can’t be relied upon to stay healthy. It’ll hurt to lose Klay or Barnes but you get the piece you need to be elite defensively. LA with Howard despite being very old and very slow was a top 5 defense.

Look at it this way. Clips and OKC lose to a big man inside. Miami having trouble with Indy. The goal is a ring. Howard gives you a chance at a ring. Keep Klay and Barnes and you have a good young core but no ring, particularly if Bogut goes down yet again.

Howard has had distractions and injuries for the last two years. Give him a chance to focus on a high chemistry team under Jackson and I like Howard’s chances to bounce back and be a top 5-10 player.

Dwight isn’t a locker room cancer. His teammates like the guy. Bottom line is this, get him enough touches inside on a winning team and it’s not a problem. There’s a risk but it’s a smart risk. Look at the risk/reward. Championships are worth the risk and even if he doesn’t work out his trade value will still be huge.

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  1. Gwydion

    We have a good team that will get better. Lets not play flavor of the year. Getting Dwight is way too expensive to team chemistry, the salary structure, the loss of players, etc. LA would jus love to see us decimate our squad after one good playoff run.

    Besides, for all the talk of Bogut & Klay or Barnes, they’d probably want Steph.

    No thank you. This FO is smarter than that. It was nice for Dwight to mention us, but lets not get all squishy.

  2. Wes

    If we give up DLee + Thompson for Howard in a sign and trade. Wouldn’t we have a bunch of cash in 2014 with the expiring deals of Bogut, Biedrins, and Jefferson to get another stud?

  3. GSWFan

    No please. The only way we can continue to build on the foundation our new ownership/coaching stadd has made is not to twitch at every itch that comes by. Dwight is not the answer and not worth the investment. People want to talk about Lee not being the answer but the Dubs got to playoffs because of him, not despite him – besides, how much of a defensive presence was Pau? We have the pieces we need, and will be marketdly better day one of training camp than we were day 3 of the this season with the return of Rush and Bogut for the start of training camp.

    Dwight, please take your crap elsewhere and stop infecting our fans. Some of are easliy swayed by such glances in our direction like a poor nerd on a date with a model. Think of it this way Warriors fans, our team has stepped up their image and sincerity for winning and so should we. What would San Antonio fans say if Dwight said he was interested in playing for the Spurs?

    They would say no thank you!

  4. shawn

    His best years were in Orlando only because the whole offense revolved around him, Once he got pieces around him re lakers he didn’t know how to adjust to a team factor. But lakers had a awefull time with all there player’s. It’s funny when you have world peace on a team and howard is the problem that should say something. good player but he’s not the focus of attention like he was in Orlando. There is a diva factor too WARRIORS PLAY TEAM BALL. DON’T MESS WITH GOOD CHEMISTRY. There’s a solid guy out there i’d take hibbert over howard any day he’s a beast.

  5. Jaytee

    As of right now, Bogut is NOT a top-5 center; Howard IS.

    If we are to believe the new CBA, it shouldn’t take much other than salary matching for the Lakers to do a sign and trade…Lakers are not in the driver’s seat. It’s up to Howard and where he wants to go. He can go to Houston, and Lakers get nothing. Or he can choose the Warriors, and they can get something to still help them out. I’d say Bogut and Jefferson and maybe a 2nd rounder.

  6. CHUCK M

    Ill take him but id make sure not to give up Barnes. I think he will be much better then Klay. I could give up Klay easier. Maby they would take b rush and a 1st round pick

  7. Kameron

    We already have bogut who is a top 5 center. We don’t need him nor do we need him to come here crying and messing with team chemistry. Please don’t go for the big name and big contract. We don’t need him