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We’re foregoing the usual preview format today. Instead, I’ll be redirecting you to 48 Minutes of Hell, the San Antonio Spurs ESPN TrueHoop Affiliate blog.

Andrew McNeil reached out to me for the sake of discussing Game 1 and also projecting the remainder of the series. We discussed Stephen Curry, Tony Parker versus Klay Thompson and a host of other topics.

Here’s a quick look at a response I provided Andrew with concerning my general thoughts on Game 1:

For roughly 44 minutes, the Golden State Warriors were able to play the game on their terms. They made a few mistakes here and there, but ultimately looked like the better team. And then, they completely melted down. To be fair, when a team self-combusts in the playoffs, the team that made a huge run to get back in the game rarely gets enough credit. There’s something to be said about San Antonio’s resolve. They needed the Dubs to falter, but they certainly took advantage of every break that came their way.

The remainder of the post can be found here.

Enjoy Game 2 tonight.

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