By: Jesse Taylor

I sat there. Staring. Contemplating. Right index finger hovering less than one inch above the mouse.

“Purchase Your Order.”

All I had to do was click that box and I had my tickets. Game 4 of the Warriors-Nuggets playoff series at Oracle Arena.

If you’ve researched single-game playoff prices you understand the financial commitment it takes to secure a ticket. It’s not an easy decision. That’s a lot of money for one game.

But I couldn’t sit idly by, watching on TV. Not after Friday nights electrifying win at Oracle. I had to be there in the sea of gold.

I could have tried to pull off a media pass. But that wouldn’t have been right. I needed to be there as a fan – free to cheer. Free to jump out of my seat and pump my arms and high-five the strangers around me all wearing the same shirts.

At first I thought splitting two tickets with another Warriors fan was the way to go. But then my wife was like, “If you’re spending OUR money on a ticket, I want to go too.” So it became two. It quickly became three as the guilt of leaving behind my 8-year-old son set in. He was there by my side for almost every game this season. Staying up late on a school night became a regular thing when the Warriors were on. Gotta take him. Thank goodness my daughter was more excited about going to see “The Croods” with grandma than watching the Warriors from Oracle.

Three playoff tickets. The “Purchase Your Order” button was staring me down – daring me to push it. I told myself that when I lay on my deathbed reminiscing on my life, the regrets wouldn’t include the financial hit of purchasing three Warriors playoff tickets. “If only we didn’t buy those tickets, we would have never lost our house. Maybe our kids could have gone to college.”

I purchased the tickets and immediately thought, “God, if they lose this game I’m going to be so pissed.”

Right? Wrong.

Best decision ever.

Best …

sea of yellow, standing during the whole game, almost falling on my son after high-fiving a drunk mountain of a man, celebrating in shock at Draymond’s two made threes, jumping like Kris Kross after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 miraculous third quarter shots from Curry, …

decision …