The Golden State Warriors have won two of their three playoff games and are currently in the driver’s seat in their head-to-head series against the Denver Nuggets. Last night’s Game 3 victory was not only exciting for Warriors fans, but also for basketball aficionados.

This series has been the most exciting one so far and the amount of points going up on the board has made it that much more appealing. And yet, there are contrasting views.

The playoffs are fascinating to observe. The victorious team is treated like royalty and gets its praises sung until the ensuing contest. The most recent loser on the other hand deals with misery.

The Nuggets came into this series as a sleeper candidate with an opportunity to participate in the Western Conference Finals. But now, because they trail the Warriors in this series, they’re suddenly no longer worthy of such consideration apparently.

The end result has a huge effect on the coverage of both teams. Should the Warriors lose a contest against the Nuggets at some point in the next few days, just make sure to remember that.

Onto the links!

  • Stephen Curry playoff MVP (Insider): Prior to last night’s performance, Curry had already earned the distinction of playoff MVP so far from’s David Thorpe. Needless to say, his Game 3 performance only enhanced his standing.
  • You don’t know Jack: Over at, Warriors World’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss shares the Jarrett Jack experience. The good, the bad, the incomprehensible and the end result he produces for the Dubs.
  • Denver Nuggets choke job: Over at the Denver Post, Mark Kiszla argues that George Karl and company are choking away the series.
  • Nuggets Reactions: Based on the recap and comments alone, it seems as though folks up in Denver aren’t fans of George Karl’s coaching. In fact, the recurring theme is that he is getting outcoached by Mark Jackson.
  • Ball Don’t Lie: Kelly Dwyer looks at the Dubs’ Game 3 victory and Andrew Bogut’s effectiveness on the defensive end.
  • Jump Shooting Guards:  I’m totally late to this party — two whole weeks really — but Zach Harper from CBS Sports wrote a terrific piece looking at the Warriors’ backcourt and the methods Mark Jackson uses to spring them free.
  • No Ko-Stops: Kosta Koufos was attributed some of the blame for the Nuggets’ poor defensive showing in Game 2 despite only playing 13 minutes. Going into Game 3, Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post outlined he might be culpable in part but not in large fashion. Well, Koufos played 10 minutes in the third contest and the defense was pretty much par for the course. Who gets the blame now?

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