The Playoffs are upon us folks. The Golden State Warriors will open up their postseason run on the road today against the Denver Nuggets in a series full of intrigue.

Many media members have submitted their prognostications for this particular matchup. However, the Warriors World staff as a whole has not as of yet. Let’s rectify that:

  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss: Denver Nuggets in seven games.
  • Jordan Ramirez: Golden State Warriors in seven games.
  • Jim Del Favero: Golden State Warriors in seven games.
  • Rasheed Malek: Golden State Warriors in six games.
  • Jesse Taylor: Denver Nuggets in seven games.
  • Jack Winter: Denver Nuggets in six games.
  • J.M. Poulard: Denver Nuggets in six games.

Glad we got that out of the way.

With Game 1 being the “feeler game”, we won’t be going Inside the Scope today. However, information is the still the standard currency by which we operate around here. Hence, the 411 below should prove quite useful.


Kenneth Faried is currently listed as probable and it certainly seems that he will miss the opening game of the series. Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post reported that Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri had doubts about the Manimal’s availability for Game 1.

His potential absence robs the Nuggets of their best rebounder. Denver is tied for second in rebounds per game in the NBA this season. The team they are tied with: Golden State.

It’s worth mentioning the Nuggets are the top offensive rebounding team in the league thanks in large part to Faried. The second chance opportunities coupled with his bruising interior player allow the Nuggets to manufacture a league leading 36.6 shots directly at the rim per Hoopdata.

So yeah, his absence is kind of a big deal.

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There are several articles out there on the worldwide web analyzing both teams and giving out insights on how they will matchup during the playoffs. With Game 1 tipping off in a few hours, give them a look.

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