That’s the prediction, sorry to say. And while I usually root for my predictions, out of sheer intellectual vanity, this time it’s different. This time, there would be nothing sweeter than seeing Oracle in all its howling glory, sending off the Nuggets in a Game 6. So I hope I’m wrong.

Hope is often different from expected outcome. The expected outcome is that Denver will run a gimpy Andrew Bogut off the court, and the Warriors won’t have much in the way of interior defense to stop Denver’s constant assault on the rim. Oracle helps, Steph Curry helps, but it is difficult to look at this series objectively, and pick GSW (Not impossible, but certainly difficult).

The Warriors, if they are to pull off this upset, will need to attack Denver’s weak three-point defense, especially in transition. If Stephen Curry’s playing an extra 6 minutes, and shooting over 10 3’s a game, Golden State has a recipe for victory. I can see how it would happen; I just don’t see it happening.