Sports are funny because they traffic in joy while simultaneously sending the message that only one, ultimate accomplishment matters. Today, the Warriors can celebrate their triumph over expectations in nabbing a playoff spot. Tomorrow, they can’t simply be satisfied with doing just that.

After the game, Lacob told media: “We’re gonna win an NBA championship here. I guarantee it.”

He was speaking about the future, to be clear. Many scoffed at the bragging assertion, but a future title should be the goal. The politics of calling your shot might be off, but at least he acknowledges that a playoff appearance isn’t good enough.

That was the strange, repeated, ambivalent message in the happy haze and daze of Golden State’s locker room, after the playoff clincher over Minnesota. Mark Jackson cried with joy before also asserting that the team can’t be satisfied with this. People basked in the joy, then followed that up with stoic assertions of not be satiated with this thing, or how this thing wouldn’t be good enough in the future.  A tear-stained Jackson bellowed, “Do not go to the baggage claim. This is just a layover and not our final destination.”

Expectations frame happiness and thus this season is already a success. Who cares that this would be a horrific disappointment of a year for Miami? The Warriors have made the playoffs twice in two decades, and if you can’t celebrate dramatic improvement then what can you celebrate? You’ll be stuck taking no pleasure from Warriors victories until Joe Lacob finally delivers that elusive, seemingly impossible championship. And if that’s your plan, you risk being bitter about the Dubs till the day you die.

Improvement is a victory unto itself even if it isn’t the ultimate win. When I asked Steph Curry about his ESPN NBA Rank of 16, he was happy, thanking ESPN “for the favor” He then inquired as to what his ranking was last year (No. 40), and responded with, “See. I made an improvement!”  With a smile, he said “It helps to be on a team that’s winning. “

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  1. Sasuya

    The guy you gotta trade, after reading this, is Biedrins. All this guy wants to do is rirtee before he hits 30 and then party for the duration. Ie28099ve often questioned his mental and physical toughness and this interview just confirms my beliefs. Does the name Joe Barely Cares (Joe Barry Carroll) ring a bell? Biedrins might as well be his twin brother. Felt, I posted the above on Marcus Thompson’s site. Needless to say, as a Warriors fan, I’m not happy with this guy, and I don’t envision my sentiments changing any time soon. I was really psyched a few years ago about Biedrins, but slowly but surely he’s changed my opinion in regards to his long term value to GSW.His game has become more and more finesse, and his desire to do whatever it takes to win on and off the court has been evaporating faster than the water from a desert flash flood.I didn’t like the stories of his partying with Latvian teammates during their summer games last year, to the point he was canned from the team. It was a disturbing and very revealing look at his maturity and even moreso his desire to work and become the best player possible.Sorry, but after reading his comments to go along with my ever-changing feelings from watching him play in recent years, this guy is an absolute clone of Joe Barry Carroll: soft and all about the money. From where I sit, that’s the worst possible combination a professional athlete could ever have. If this indeed is the beginning of a new, brighter era for this franchise (making smart basketball decisions), Lacob and Co. have to trade Biedrins ASAP. The Joe Barely Cares of the world are NEVER the ones hoisting championship trophies at seasons end.

  2. Eduardo

    Wade had his share of highlights too,but he again didnt go thourgh the same adversity James did that compounded with that.God knows what the expectations are gonna be for the Heat next I suggest it be ok to just have a Lebron only video just this season from this user’s channel,Ive been to many Heat games and know what the hell people been chanting about Lebron,both good and bad lol.Let it be a stand alone just for this season ok? “Pulls off your socks and rubs your barefeet!” =o

  3. Jyoti

    But heres the difference with jodarn and lebron. Jordan didnt go to different teams to win. He stuck with the bulls for most of his career to get better and compete. Lebron basically took the easy route to the finals, not wanting the challenge. in the beginning jodarn only had pippen and pippen at the time wasn’t as high ranked as wade. Jordan loved to compete against others and loved challenges. Jordanefbbbf pushed his teammates to become better. Not saying lebron is bad, but thats the difference.

  4. Rob Lubich

    I remember when Rick Barry rejoined the Warriors and dramatically changed the atmosphere surrounding the franchise. One great player on ateam with many very good players can and did bring a championship…. WE BELIEVE