Stephen Curry’s been monster this season. There have been nights where he’s looked like the best point guard in the league and there have been other instances where one might confuse him for the best shooter in league history.

Although his talent and production failed to earn him a spot on the Western Conference All-Stars, it’s earned him a top 20 spot in’s updated #NBArank.

The #NBArank project is essentially a ranking based on the current quality of each NBA player. Last summer, Curry was rated as the 40th best player in the Association. Those of you interested in viewing the results of this past offseason, they are available here.

Typically the results are released during the summer, but this time around took it upon themselves to go ahead and rank the top 30.

The top 16 was announced today and the remaining 15 players will be announced tomorrow on the NBA on ESPN Twitter account.

A few weeks back, I had argued that Curry might have played himself onto one of the All-NBA teams with his productivity and terrific play this season. Mind you, we won’t know until the end of the season if he’s done enough to earn such lofty accolades.

In the meantime though, it’s rather apparent that he’s gained some notoriety with his play this season. The 54-point explosion at Madison Square Garden obviously helped, but Steph’s proven he’s a stud and top player in the league.

#NBArank rated the sharpshooter as the 16th best player in the Association. Here are a few reactions from around the worldwide web.