Following the Golden State Warriors (35-29) has essentially become a roller coaster ride given the peaks and valleys the team faces on a week-to-week basis.

At present time, the Dubs have recorded two victories against teams with winning records since beating the Oklahoma City Thunder more than a month and a half ago.

The Warriors’ season has now morphed into an in depth analysis of their schedule.

Given the team’s inability to conquer good teams in the last 45 days or so, it is now almost assumed that Mark Jackson’s unit will more than likely fold against good competition regardless of the venue.

Have a look at the top notch opposition Golden State will face the rest of the way:

  • March 11th: New York Knicks
  • March 20th: at San Antonio Spurs
  • April 11th: Oklahoma City Thunder
  • April 15th: San Antonio Spurs (potential game where Popovich rests starters)

If we analyze the remaining schedule in a bit more detail, here’s what we are left with:

  • Games left: 18
  • Home games left: 12
  • Road games left: 6
  • Games versus opponents with .500 record or better: 9
  • Games versus opponents with sub-.500 record: 9

If current circumstances hold up, the Warriors should split their last 18 games and close the season with 44 wins.

Oddly enough, the Hollinger Playoff Odds predicts Stephen Curry and company will finish with the seventh seed in the Western Conference standings with that very same amount of victories.

Golden State’s season has been one of shifting expectations.

Prior to the start of the 2012-13 season, many were hopeful the Dubs would compete for a postseason spot, injuries notwithstanding.

Brandon Rush was lost for the remainder of the season and Andrew Bogut has been in and out of the lineup.

Luckily, Curry has only missed a few games here and there.

And yet, perception gradually changed when the Warriors earned a few signature wins (Miami, San Antonio and L.A. Clippers to name a few) and hovered 10 games over .500.

Some began romanticizing this season and saw it as one of destiny…

Until February hit.

The mounting losses sent the Dubs’ faithful into a tailspin. Now many are wondering where the team from early January has gone.

Our very own Ethan Strauss wrote about the team’s overall play this season vis-à-vis the initial expectations for the Dubs:

[…] so the Warriors are who they’ve been, and what they’ve been this season is better than what they’ve been in past seasons. Don’t freak out. Don’t panic. This is still a successful season when weighed against preseason expectations.

Golden State has 18 regular season games left. A mediocre performance in those remaining contests would suffice for a postseason berth. The Dubs would have accomplished their early season goal in doing so.

Would it be much more interesting if they were competing for a top spot in the west?


The Warriors are learning to crawl before they walk. The recent losing stretch might be a little frustrating for fans, but it’s also part of the process.

Talk about the future at this point in the season might sound absurd, but think of it this way: the 2012-13 Golden State Warriors are laying the foundation for the franchise’s next few years.

Figuring out what players to add in the offseason starts with finishing this current one. The Dubs might take their lumps, but provided they manage to split the rest of their games, Oracle Arena will more than likely be sold out for at least two playoff games.

That is the state of the Warriors.

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