Banana Stand

4 losses in a row, many of them embarrassing, rubber match tonight vs a Rockets team that made the Warriors look like chumps, and the fans are talking about new uniforms.

Not since Beans day has the Warriorsworld community been so aligned in their views. Here’s a sample.


New Warriors Uniforms

It’s almost like this team is running out of ways to embarrass its fans. Losing worked for a REALLY long time, but now that that’s no longer an avenue, hey here’s some yellow dog$%^$ with pinstripes.

Did we win a cycling tournament? Could Adidas not get the same vendor to produce the t-shirt and the shorts? Are we poor? Do we not own a color wheel? Does the Warrior to wear the most different shades of yellow win? What do they win? A banana? A canary? What if fans come to this game? Or watch on a color TV? If you’re wondering where all the cocaine is….

This makes me miss Cohan…

Chris Brown gives Rihanna more reasons to stay than the Warriors give us.


The new unis are tuuuuuurible. Imagine Big Baby Davis in those things.

Sheed: Who was actually there at the unveiling

Unis look wayyyyyyy better in Person and up close…

Once everyone sees the whole team in them rather than just one sole player in them, we’ll get a better picture as to how good they look.

Players love the pin-stripe shorts, they had only seen the jerseys before today and were glad the shorts had pin stripes instead of being solid gold/yellow…

Adidas reps said they can and would mess with the colors if needed…

Other notable one liners….

“We are going to be the laughing stock of the league with those jerseys…smh”

“Better they laugh at the jerseys and not at the Defense”

“Brilliant strategy to beat the Spurs. They will be laughing so hard they won’t be able to play until Green starts punching them out.
Bazemore will wear a matching jesters cap.”

“Watch free agents stop taking calls from Myers”