By: Jesse Taylor/@GSW_JesseTaylor

Let’s contemplate what it means for Andrew Bogut to return to the Warriors. I mean, let’s really analyze this. Is it possible his return hurts the Warriors? Will he disrupt the team’s chemistry?

And while I’m at it, someone please slap me in the face.

The only question to be asked about Bogut’s return is whose parking space will he take? We saw what happened when Chris Brown took Frank Ocean’s parking spot. I mean, I’m sure everything will be fine if Bogut takes over Andris Biedrins’ spot at Oracle Arena. Or any of the four rookies. But what if he goes after David Lee’s or Steph Curry’s? Or even worse, tough guy Jarrett Jack’s? That could cause some real internal team strife right there.

Any sensible person came to one conclusion when reading Marcus Thompson’s report about Bogut’s possible return to the lineup at Toronto tonight: This is only a good thing for the Warriors.

Can Bogut grab a rebound and go back up for a shot?

Can Bogut catch a pass?

Can Bogut make a pass?

Can Bogut make a move on offense that doesn’t result in a turnover?

Can Bogut touch a basketball without it leading to an NBA blooper reel?

The answer to all of those questions is “yes.” But if you replace Bogut with the Warriors two current centers, the answer to all those questions is “no.”

Festus Ezeli and Biedrins bring defense and rebounding. Bogut delivers those two things and so much more. At a much needed time as well based on the Warriors current 2-game skid.

So there is really nothing to question or over-analyze when talking about Bogut joining the Warriors on the court instead of on the bench in his sophisticated professor suits. He will make the team better. End of story.

The most interesting event in this story was supposedly retired Warriors beat writer Matt Steinmetz scooping Thompson’s report by posting the breaking Bogut news on Twitter before Thompson. He gave @gswscribe credit for the report, but shouldn’t Matt have let Marcus post the news on Twitter first? Matt’s Tweet came at 9:52 a.m. PT and Marcus posted a link to his story on Twitter at 10:12 a.m. PT. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons chose to stay out of it altogether.

In this new era of reporting, it was obviously not a big deal, as both Matt and Marcus are known to like and respect each other. It was interesting, however, that the long-time top-dog beat reporter for the Warriors gave a sloppy Twitter update on behalf of the current top-dog beat guy.

Let’s just hope Matt doesn’t park in Marcus’ parking spot.

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  1. wil

    The only one that deserves a slap and his parking taken is the beat writer who wrote about trading for no ligament Blair.