Game Details

  • Tip Off: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: CSN-BA

Los Angeles Clippers Team Profile

  • Offensive Efficiency: 107.4 (5th in NBA)
  • Defensive Efficiency: 97.3 (3rd in NBA)


  • Points: Blake Griffin, 17.6 PPG
  • Rebounds: Blake Griffin, 8.8 RPG
  • Assists: Chris Paul, 9.3 APG
  • Steals: Chris Paul, 2.7 SPG
  • Blocks: DeAndre Jordan, 1.6 BPG
  • Field Goal Percentage: DeAndre Jordan, 60.1% FG
  • 3-Point Field Goal Percentage: Caron Butler, 41.3% 3PT FG

Scope the Opposition: Clipperblog.

Preview: At present time, only two teams in the Pacific division have a winning record. Can you guess which?

To be fair, this one was somewhat evident considering that the preview for tonight’s game focuses specifically on the cream of the crop of the pacific at the moment: the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors.

After being owned for the last few years by both the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns, things have flipped flopped a little and thus we now live in a world where the Clips and Dubs are proud owners of the best records in the division.

After an impressive 17-game winning streak, the Clippers finally lost a contest; falling at the hands of the Denver Nuggets last night on the road as George Karl’s crew played with far more energy and urgency than their opponents.

After winning so many games in succession and then suffering a double-digit defeat, one has to think that Chris Paul and his teammates will want to get back to their winning ways as soon as possible.

The Golden State Warriors on the other hand are winners of three straight games, with their most recent victory coming at home Sunday night against the Boston Celtics in a blowout.

The Dubs have played two thrilling and close games against both conference leaders (Clippers and Heat) on the road so far this season and have come out victorious in both instances.

Considering that LAC lost their last contest and also fell at the hands of the Warriors earlier in the season, tonight’s game has the potential to bring out some fireworks.

Jarrett Jack and Eric Bledsoe will battle for the title of best backup point guard in the NBA while David Lee and Blake Griffin will try to enhance their All-Star candidacies in what should be a great battle of power forwards.

Heck, Jamal Crawford and Klay Thompson may be called upon to go at it against each other, albeit in far different methods. Crawford favors the combination of crossover dribble, followed by the swift behind the back handle and the hop step with a smooth dipsy-do; while Thompson will simply run his defender off screens, plant his feet, catch and then shoot all in one beautiful motion as the defender closes in, only to realize he is a split second too late.

The Pacific division swagger title will be on the line tonight in Clippers-Warriors part deux

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