This week on the podcast my co-host Ben calls into our first segment as we discuss the Warriors terrible showing against the Clippers (10/22), the recently released NBA GM survey and the injuries of Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Love.

In our second segment, I interview Matt Moore — senior NBA blogger and editor of — and reflect on the NBA GM Survey’s, the Warriors off-season moves, how they look for the upcoming season and offers his predictions for the Finals and MVP.

In our final segment, former WarriorsWorld TV host Lucena Herrera joins me to talk about the WarriorsWorld 10th Anniversary event coming up this Friday.

Remember, you can attend the invite-only WarriorsWorld 10th Anniversary event (10/26) if:

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About The Author

Jordan Ramirez

Jordan Ramirez is a 23 year-old Bay Area resident with a love for basketball and an obsession for everything worth obsessing over. Growing up and residing in San Jose, the Warriors have brought both tears of joy and sadness to his life (mostly the latter). When he's not sharing his thoughts on music, movies, pop culture and Kanye West you can find him writing for WarriorsWorld and hosting the WarriorsWorld podcast. Follow him on Twitter (@JRAM_91), IG: (JRAM_91) and e-mail him at (

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  • World B. Free

    Thank for letting us know there’s a podcast available. I’m all over it.

  • Mike Carlson

    Who do you think will be a breakout player for the Warriors?

    • Jordan R.

      Festus Ezeli. With Bogut likely to miss some time early and not be at full strength for awhile, look for Festus to impress on the defensive end immediately.