Stephen Curry met with the local media today at the Warriors’ practice facility in downtown Oakland after the second of his scheduled four-day workout.

Curry addressed a wide variety of topics ranging from his ankle, Don Nelson, the Lakers, fatherhood, contract extensions and even the San Francisco Giants’ Melky Cabrera (he didn’t say anything too shocking – someone just asked him about it).

Here are some quotes from the fourth-year guard himself.

Ankle status:

“It feels great. Being out since March and having surgery in April, and my last two-and-half to three months of rehab, it’s been a good process. I’m being patient with it. Right now, being able to do a full-court workout and not having any pain or soreness or tightness. It’s very optimistic right now. We still have five weeks for training camp so it can only get better.”


“Just play(ing) five-on-five right now. I’m just making sure that when I’m reacting and making cuts, especially on the defensive end, that my ankle’s responding the right way. I know it will, but just right now I’m taking each step: one-on-one to three-on-three to controlled five-on-five and then going full bore. So, that’s’ the plan right now.”

Warriors’ offseason:

“They did a great job of getting some depth. Top to bottom our roster looks good. We have a lot of veteran guys, some young talent. Adding Jarrett, Carl Landry, Harrison, Draymond, Festus – practice is going to be fun this year. We have some depth at each position to really challenge each other in training camp. On paper, we’re a playoff team so we have to figure out how to turn that into wins in the season and take advantage of the roster that they’ve put together.”

Current lineup:

“Size wise, we match up pretty well with any team in the league. You don’t have the questions of the small backcourt, that kind of stuff, going into the season. We’ve just got to take the roster and work with it.”

Don Nelson in the Hall of Fame:

“Happy for him. I was part of history with him for all-time wins record my rookie year. So to hear his speech and to know his career has gotten him to the Hall of Fame, it’s fun to have been a part of a little bit of that  history. I’m just happy for him. I keep in touch with a little bit. He’s excited, so it’s good news.”

Dubs and the playoffs:

“You look at the talent that we have, guys who have established themselves around the league and the balanced roster we have, I think we are a playoff team. It’s easy to say that but you’ve got to go out and play and make it happen. But looking at the West, it’s still tough. Some teams have shifted a little bit but it’s still a tough conference to nab one of those playoffs spots. That’s our goal to figure out a way to get in there.”


“Love it, man. Love it. Definitely changes a lot of things. Different pace for me and my wife. It’s definitely a blessing to have her (in) the family. Trying to get some sleep here and there. I’m just enjoying it, man. It’s great timing, to be in the summer, be around, be with the family and get ready for the season.”


“When you add an All-Star, it’s always going to help. It doesn’t change the fact that we have a great time playing the Lakers every year with the fans we have here and how much they want to beat them. It probably adds a little fuel to that. But you’ve got to go out and play, so we’ll see what happens. Every year guys switch uniforms and it takes a minute to kind of take it all in. It will be different seeing Nash and Dwight, and Kobe and Pau and Metta World Peace on the same roster. They’re pretty deep. It should be fun to go at them and beat them.”

Contract extension:

“That’s for my agent and Bob (Myers) to have a meeting and talk about it and I’ll make a decision once all the details are out. But whether I get an extension or not, I’ve still got to play this year and be healthy. So that’s my only goal, my only focus. It would be great to get that done. I want to be out here in Golden State, be part of the future we’re trying to build here. It’s not like I’m trying to skip out or do anything else. If they make a great offer, I’m definitely going to take it.”


Here’s some footage of Curry’s day 1 workout. He appears to be moving very well.

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  1. dieta

    With that in mind, we look over the top six workout warriors from the combine, who failed to make the impact many thought that they would in the NFL. Keep that in mind before you wonder where Vernon Davis is, because not only did he excel at the combine, he’s doing well in the NFL.

  2. silver price

    Vesely had an average workout in New Jersey on Sunday in front of Wizards brass. He was coming right off the plane after having his flight delayed from Europe. This was a tough situation from his perspective, as he’s not considered an overly skilled prospect. Nevertheless, he measured out well (6-11 barefoot) and was able to show the athleticism that makes him such a coveted prospect. The Wizards are reportedly still high on his talents, especially if Enes Kanter is off the board. He would make an excellent running partner for John Wall.


    RE-SIGN CURRY !! Love to have him in tha BAY for another 5 years or so. Class act in Curry. Can’t wait for him to shut these “Glass Ankle” haters up. Playoffs in 2012-13 !! GO DUBS !!

  4. Cal

    I’m happy for Steph, he seems like a cool guy. I’m interested to see where he ranks on NBA Rank this year. I just pray that he manages to stay healthy this year. Good luck to him!

  5. World B. Free

    Yo, on a personal level, Steph actually seems like a legit, upstanding individual. I ran into him at SFO at 5am once. Even though he was clearly tired (like everyone else), he actually granted my request for an autograph. Of course, I happened to be wearing a GSW t-shirt at the time so how could he refuse? Nah, I thought that was pretty cool because I don’t know if I personlly would have had the energy to sign an autograph at that time of day.

    I hope you’re reading this, Steph. Thanks, man. That was cool.

  6. JT's Hoops Blog

    I see Curry startiing at the two as he is more suited to score rather than play the point. . . that is, unless he gets injured yet again. This will certainly be a make or break year for him. With the Warriors overloaded with perimeter players, Curry may find himself on the outside looking in if he is not carefull

  7. Niner

    Really hope Harrison or Klay takes over early this year. I think everyone knows one more injury to that ankle & the warriors are drafting a new pg next year. Hard to go up against the playoff pgs in the nba on 2 good wheels, not going to do it with one bum leg. Good luck Curry, we need you!