According to @GSWFastBreak, the Warriors have finalized plans to move from Oakland to San Francisco in 2017. The move would provide the Warriors with a brand new, modern, multi-use arena on Pier 30/32 that would be utilized not only for basketball but other various events. The privately funded arena — assuming all goes smoothly — would cut the tape before the 2017-2018 season.

The move to San Francisco shouldn’t be a surprise as owner Joe Lacob has made it clear of his plans for a move since his ownership began. Oracle Arena is currently the oldest arena in the NBA — it first opened in 1966 — and while renovations took place before the 1996-1997 season, the rust was clearly showing.

While many Warriors fans have fond memories of the arena, the move to San Francisco should be met with open arms. The move not only provides fans with a new arena, but gives potential free agents, players and coaches added incentive to come to the organization. Whether admitted or not, San Francisco is simply a sexier destination than Oakland.

Time and time again the Warriors have lost out on free agents, and while Oakland might not be the sole reason of players hesitance towards committing to sign, it surely didn’t help the cause.

The Warriors will now have a new home in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, awarding fans for their constant loyalty that has been apparent throughout their stay in Oakland.

An official announcement is expected next week.

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  1. demfour4

    why does everyone from san francisco act like a kid…?? show some class fair weathers. a lot of us that are pissed have been season ticket holders longer than you have been a fan!

  2. yoshi

    To all you East Bay/Oakland residents trashing the move and new arena, what about the SF and Peninsula fans? We’re all yuppies and don’t deserve a team? Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with your support over the years. I’ve been attending games from the outer Sunset for the past 10 years, but you deserve their loyalty more then I? You’re living in a pipe dream if you think any major league sports team isn’t about money. Go support your local little league team if you want to ensure their longevity in your area.

  3. Tony

    Oakland Arena is in a perfect location – by a freeway and BART. Only a minority of Warriors fans live in San Francisco so getting to the game will be harder for the majority of people.

  4. Tony

    If the politicians get on board (and arenas and sports teams are their catnip) you don’t have to worry about an environmental impact report not passing. Everything gets pushed through or some beauracrat is gonna be in trouble.

  5. warriorscomeoutandplay

    I hope the REAL hard core East Bay W’s fans (the ones who have consistently sold out Oracle during all the losing years) don’t show up next year and boo and heckle the crap out that douche Lacob!

    They will be so far in debt once they build that overpriced Arena in SF and there won’t be as many consistent sellouts like at Oracle because of the corporate 1% snobby fake fair weather fans won’t go to the games when they keep SUCKING! Lacob should have waited for Coliseum City.

  6. SF_Resident

    As a SF resident that actually lives within walking distance to the proposed site, thanks but NO THANKS.

    NBA. Please. Any sports fan with a modicum of common sense jumped ship when it comes to the NBA. Don’t want, don’t need.

    But seriously, this will never happen. A privately funded arena? What about environmental impact, zoning, bureaucracy, SF-standard red tape?

    Sure, buddyboy. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. Jose

    East bay and Oakland residents should think about starting a petition to have an arena/coliseum by Jack London Square…great location (just by the water) and it will attract more businesses. How come nobody is thinking of that?

    • t12ix7er

      It has been thought of, but Oakland’s retarded ass mayor just had $3.5 million in redevelopment funds called back by the state controller… money that was suppose to seed the planning and commissioning.

  8. Garrett

    Taking a Train and then squeezing into A bus to get to the warriors game is a pretty antiquated way for fans to reach a stadium especially in 2017. Making Eastbay and Southbay fans pay more for transit to get the game ( in time and money) is NO way to reward loyal fans. Until BART or MUNI builds a direct route to the Pier 32 this is a sucky idea. I can see the reasoning but SF at night isn’t that sexy especially the further you get into the city. Meth heads, dealers, and the homeless are also an apparent feature of SF’s night’s life.

    • Mike

      It’s a two way street Garrett, all these years SF fans living in the sunset district of SF for example must take a 30-40 minute ride on Muni then take a BART train over to Oakland to catch the games. Also, the city life, drug dealers meth heads that you talk about congregates at Civic Center and Tenderloin, not Embarcadero and certainly not at Pier 32, which is a parking lot right now.

    • dm

      Hey Garett… the N/T goes drops off right in front of pier 32 so the caltrain/BART crowds shouldn’t have any trouble getting to the arena. Living in the city I am happy that it will be easier to get to the games, but am kind of sad that oakland is losing all of their teams.

      As for free-agents, the problem with golden state was the franchise’s reputation, not the location of the stadium.

    • BayAreaBeef

      I think this is a good move if the Warriors want to create a team that is a destination. I think the arena on the pier will be awesome, but I do feel bad for the fans in the East Bay. In the end it’s just the best business move to make if you want to keep the team in the Bay Area.

      BTW Garrett… I would rather see meth heads and homeless people in SF then see body bags, EMR vehicles & Gang members. You know as well as I do that the area Oracle arena is in is not the safest area of Oakland. If they built the arena DT or on Lake Merritt then I would go to more games.

  9. eastbaylol

    The least bay is a joke. And now say goodbye to the Warriors, A’s (they ain’t getting San Jose, and they shouldn’t), and maybe even the Raiders?

    Keep crying and talking s**t about other communities that are better than you, and make things happen. You want to keep your teams? Get off your asses. Nobody owes you a thing.

    Otherwise, enjoy your occupy protests.

    • World B. Free

      There’s no reason to keep dumping on Oakland. It’s just not as bad as people make it out to be.

      This is a major insult. I’m finished with pro sports. You fools have been thinking your fanship is about sports when the owners have no consideration other than the amount of money they can make. Proof? Chris Cohan. We should have known then.

      You idiots have been spending your money in Oakland, literally putting your money where your mouth is, trying to support where support is needed. Every dime I spent was with the full consideration that someday it would help the City of Oakland. I just re-upped my season tix for the Warriors, too. What a f_ckin idiot. All three franchises couldn’t give one tiny little damn that fans came to Oakalnd regardless of its reputation. The money wants to move to SF so that’s how it’s going to be.

      How stupid have I been? Thinking I’m spending my hard earned dollars to support teams in a struggling town, and the very instant they can leave, all three teams simply try to go where they can make the most profit. No consideration is/was given to the devastation this will cause the city of Oakland and its fans – after all of those years.

      I have a new impression of the world today. I’ll be moving out of Oakland ASAP if all three teams leave. I guess I’m just too stupid to realize what everybody in SF somehow knows – that Oakland simply isn’t worth helping. What have I been thinking??? Oakland must suck far more than I think. Wow. Just, wow.

      If Superman was real, he would only save the good neighborhoods. It’s better publicity to be seen rescuing a damsel in the Marina.

  10. warriorscomeoutandplay

    Can’t wait to see when the new traffic ridden Arena is built in 2017, and see how much season ticket prices raise and how much the organization and team will continue to suck! hahahaha

  11. omg

    The annoying arrogance of fair weather fans in the Peninsula and in SF makes me hate the Giants and Niners even more each and every day.

  12. dknight.007

    haha..thinking a move to SF will help the team sign more high priced free agents is pipe dream. The organization has sucked for years and that will not change with a new arena in SF. Imagine how bad the traffic will be with a new arena near the pier? Ugh

    They will remain the Golden State Warriors….they will never change their name to San Francisco Warriors!

    • Jordan Ramirez

      Moving to SF won’t be the only reason free agents come here, but you can’t deny it helps the cause. Of course an improving on court product is the ultimate attraction to players, but a shiny, modern new arena in San Francisco can’t be overlooked.

      Also, I hope the name changes to “San Francsico Warriors.” The Warriors are the only team that doesn’t coincide with a particular city. I hate it. Would love a name change to go with a new arena.

      • Tony

        Let’s get real. If a free agent signed with the Warriors they could live in San Francisco. Are we pretending here that San Francisco is 2 hours away from Oakland?

        And I doubt there are any free agents who consider the age of the arena when deciding who to sign with. It’s not like they spend their time walking to an from the concession stands or staring at the outside of the building. They see the court and the locker room. Locker rooms are no harder to remodel than the bathroom in your house.

  13. Ev

    Awesome. Abandon the East Bay fans who have foolishly supported through years of inept ownership. No doubt they’ll be the “San Francisco Warriors” as soon as they move there. Why move from a place with one of the world’s best public transportation systems right at the arena? Oh yeah, you don’t care about your fans who can’t afford luxury boxes and courtside tickets. F the Warriors.

  14. Jose

    Going back to their roots is always welcome. SF Warriors!

    • Joe

      Never played in SF. Before moving to Oakland, they played in the Cow Paiace which is in Daly City

      • Fact Checker

        Not true. The SF Warriors played at Civic Auditorium in SF?

      • Jose

        yea and what were they called back then again? yea,that’s right “San Francisco Warriors”! Those throwback were “San Francisco” and “the city”.

  15. Jose

    Going back to where it originally started. SF Warriors!

    • SF_Resident

      how about they go back to where it really started. Back east.

  16. Jose

    Going back to to their roots is always welcome. SF Warriors!

  17. Bryan

    This is heart breaking news. Growing up a warriors fan and watching games at Oracle from Run TMC era all the way up to the We Believe days its feels like a part of me has died. This new Arena will be an abomination.

  18. Steve

    Lifelong season ticket holder, dropping my season tickets as soon as the announcement is made. I’m an Oakland fan, not a San Francisco fan. Screw those guys.

    • World B. Free


      I just re-upped my season tix too. Anybody want to buy them?

      Actually, I’m tripling the prices for you SF yuppies – you can afford it.

  19. Frank T

    The reason free agents don’t come to the Warriors is not because of Oakland. It’s because they’ve only made the playoffs 6 times in the past 35 years!

  20. Alex

    “San Francisco” Warriors imminent. I’m calling it in advance.