Tie game, twenty seven seconds left. Richard Jefferson (correctly) throws the ball off the David Lee’s foot.

(Yes! Top-seven pick, here we go!)

But suddenly, Charles Jenkins swoops in, snatches the loose ball. And then, the second-round rookie truly goes rogue. He knifes into the lane, going straight through a flopping Wes Johnson like he’s made of bubbles. Then, Jenkins goes up and under Kevin Love’s stubby right arm. Really, he could have gone up and over. Anyway, the Warriors lead 96-94 with 20 seconds to go.


Golden State fans look to Kevin Love as their salvation in this moment. CSN Bay Area even plays a little montage of Kevin Love’s winning buckets. It’s okay, K-Love is here to salvage GSW draft position. Have no fear, Warriors fans. The ball is inbounded.

Jose Juan Barea gets the rock, dribbles for what feels like an entire Chinese dynasty. Kevin Love sets a high screen. Barea…passes it off his own foot.


The bold imp somehow retrieves the ball. Kevin Love runs open to Barea’s left, but JJ is oblivious to his team’s best player, and chucks a horrid leaner back rim. Dominic McGuire snatches the rebound. Dom’s never cared for tanking, and relishes every opportunity to play and compete. He probably stomps on ping pong balls for fun, the way many people enjoy popping bubble wrap.


Warriors win, killing their chances of running the table, of landing a top-five pick.


And that was the sequence. Charles Jenkins played well throughout, tallying 19 points and seven assists, looking like the right kind of combo guard instead of the wrong kind. The kid’s recent play has given the Warriors hope for his future. The problem is that Jenkins’ displayed promise might mean a less promising future for Golden State.

4 Responses

  1. Ethan Sherwood Strauss

    @Joshua Mills

    “Im glad your not a GM.”

    Too bad, I wouldn’t have used the amnesty on Bell.

    • Joshua Mills

      Ethan Sherwood Strauss says:

      April 5, 2012 at 1:24 pm

      @Joshua Mills

      “Im glad your not a GM.”

      Too bad, I wouldn’t have used the amnesty on Bell.

      While I agree that was a waste, I bet u wouldnt have made the Monta trade either so we would still be stuck in the same situations. You take risks and with risks there will be some mistakes but can also be great reward.

  2. Joshua Mills

    Who cares about the pick. Its not like we know we gonna get Lebron or something. I would rather have our young guys who we have now develop then tank a season like little girls. So what happens if we tank and get the pick and then he turns out to be a bust. Then we wasted good time for developing young guys on HOW TO Win games instead you want us to teach our guys how to lose games. Basketball is a game of habbits and u want to teach them the bad habbits. Im glad your not a GM.

  3. Pointman

    My sentiments exactly!

    Your metaphors make me LOL. Love reading your stuff.