Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Warriors have traded recently acquired F Stephen Jackson to the San Antonio Spurs for Richard Jefferson and a 1st round pick. The conditions of the pick have yet to be announced.

In another move, the Warriors have bought a 2nd round pick from the Atlanta Hawks.

More to comeā€¦

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  • Sicdubs

    This site’s got good writing and insightful commentary – when things are posted. I know it’s a blog, so the writers may be off doing other things, but I really want your insights and, well, it’s trade deadline day and all we’ve got is “more to come…”
    Again, I like the site, there’s just a severe dearth of content.

    Need a writer?

  • Daniel Smith

    Well, I like Jefferson much better than Jackson, but at this point in Jefferson’s career, I’m wondering what they’ll do with him. Will he start over Dorell Wright? Wright’s been sucky until the last few games, and yes, Jefferson’s a better finisher around the basket, but he’s 31, Wright is 26…and I’m pretty sure Wright’s a much better passer. Plus, Jefferson’s advantage is one he hasn’t even been using this season, since about half his shots are 3-pointers.

    I like the deal just from the perspective of getting rid of Jackson now — his type of play is like Monta’s, only, you know, without nearly as much talent — but I don’t like it as much if Jefferson is going to start ahead of Wright. Wright’s too young to give up on at this point, I’d think.

    Regardless, at least they can find out something about the small forward position for the rest of this season heading into 2012-2013.