I’m not Mr. Faketrade, but I’m posting this.

The larger point: The Warriors should be in on the Pau sweepstakes and willing to part with David Lee. Lacob loves DL, but Lee is no Gasol.

8 Responses

  1. inmypjs

    Monta did acquiesce to Baron and SJax during the We Believe season, so it might work. Lakers get a more productive lineup and I think they get a lot better because Pau would be a good replacement for Warriors but Blake is only as good as a backup PG

  2. mynameisVy

    this wouldnt benefit the lakers much since monta needs ball in order to be efficient but with kobe he wouldnt get the touches he would want.

  3. bingo

    as both a Lakers and Warriors fan, I don’t think it works for the Lakers. Lee isn’t worth it and Monta’s game would probably not mesh well with Kobe’s; they both need the ball int heir hands.

    That being said not sure that the Lakers can do much these days.

  4. Marin

    Lakers would never do this, nor should they. The Lee contract is ridiculous and Monta has never shown he can be a PG. I’d love it for the Warriors but come on, the Lakers are only going to trade Pau if they can get a genuine star back in return and some young talent on reasonable contracts. I love Monta but he’s useless next to Kobe and Lee makes too much money.

  5. Jordan Ramirez

    This trade makes a lot of sense for both parties involved. So, it’s only natural that the Warriors want no part of it.

  6. Tor Unsworth

    A trade that could really work for both sides. Pau would pair well with Udoh (length and defense, with Pau providing the offensive punch). Lee would pair well with Bynum. Kobe was Ellis’ favorite player growing up (the reason he chose the #8), so you know there’s a respect there. Ellis might be saved from his least efficient shots by having Kobe as the true “closer” in late game or short clock situations. Then, the Lakers just have to figure out the SF position (solved by benching Metta for the more productive Barnes). Nice one, Ethan.

    • Mr. Burns

      That kobe thing is a cute guess and all but watch an interview, monta chose the #8 because troy aikman wore it

  7. EvanZ

    It actually makes some sense for both sides. Bynum can probably hide a lot of Lee’s deficiencies on defense (and Monta’s). The sticking point in my mind is that I doubt Kobe will approve of such a trade. I just don’t see him wanting to share the ball with Monta. But Monta would work much better with an alpha dog like Kobe. He would go back to playing more off the ball like he did in 07.

    Pau has a huge contract, but considering we have a lot other young players who aren’t paid that much (yet), like Steph, Klay, and Udoh, it could work for the next couple years.