By: Jordan Ramirez

Remember Nate Robinson?

Robinson played for the New York Knicks and made a name for himself by winning three NBA slam dunk contests at only 5’9’. Robinson was a fan favorite in New York, not only because of his height but because of his sparkplug play coming off the bench. Providing quick offense, and not afraid to put up a shot, Nate was in the good graces of many fans but eventually fell out of grace with management.

Robinson has been traded twice since his days with the Knicks. He was first traded with Marcus Landry in the 09’-10’ season to Boston for J.R. Giddens, Eddie House, Bill Walker and a 2nd round pick. The very next season Robinson was packaged with Kendrick Perkins in a trade with Oklahoma City that sent Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic and a 1st round pick to Beantown.

There’s no doubt Robinson has talent (11.3 PPG, .425 FG% per 23 minutes) but his off the court antics have hindered his career. During the 05’-06’ season it was reported that Robinson got into physical altercations with teammates Jerome James and Malik Rose. During the 06’-07’ season Robinson was suspended ten games for being one of the main instigators in a brawl against the Indiana Pacers.

Today, multiple sources are confirming that the Warriors have signed Robinson to a one year deal worth approximately $1 million.

Robinson, who has roots in the Bay Area, played in only 59 games last season as a member of the Celtics and Thunder. With Ish Smith, Charles Jenkins and Klay Thompson all competing for the backup guard spots it’s unclear where Nate will get his minutes from. Ish Smith has looked good in spots this year, Charles Jenkins shows promise and Klay, while disappointing so far this season, is the backup 2 guard for the time being. Robinson has shown us very little the past two seasons, which makes this signing that much more troubling.

Though Nate can score his defensive skills are limited. Sound familiar? While this signing is probably just a “low risk-high reward” type deal the reward isn’t anything the Warriors particularly need. The Warriors prepotency to score will always be there, it’s the other side of the court that’s lacking. Did David Lee have influence in this signing? Does Mark Jackson finally understand the style of play he must execute for this team to succeed?

Robinson had this to say in an interview with last month:

“One team’s trash is another team’s treasure. With whatever team that I land on they know they’re going to get everything out of me. I’m going to come to practice early — first one there, last one to leave. I work hard every day, practice every day and play hard in games whether it’s one minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes. … I’m going to always cheer for my teammates, as everybody sees all the time. I’ll be the first guy off the bench, congratulating my guys or picking them up off the floor — doing everything a player is supposed to do.”

It certainly sounds like the Warriors are getting a humbled, more focused Nate Robinson. Whether that attitude transfers to on court success is another question.

2 Responses

  1. dew

    Nate Robinson is a cheerleader on a winning team like the Celtics and the Thunder. Nate Robinson is a distraction and a malcontent on losing teams like the Knicks. Which Nate do you think the dubs are going to get?

  2. nman3137

    I actually kind’ve like this signing. I don’t like Ish Smith at all, and I’m assuming it will take the ball out of his hands. I’m not even expecting Robinson to do much, just to be a cheerleader and a change of pace guy off the bench.