By: Ben Cruz

To say that the past couple of weeks have been different for former Warriors guard Jeremy Lin would be a huge understatement. The Harvard stand out was taken by surprise when the Warriors informed him on the first day of training camp that he would be getting waived (to free up money for their offer to then-free agent, DeAndre Jordan). Lin was then claimed off of waivers by the Houston Rockets only to be waived again on Christmas Day to make room for their signing of Samuel Dalembert. Lin would not remain on the waiver wire long as the New York Knicks then claimed him.

I caught up with the former Warrior today for a few minutes to find out how he is doing over in his new surroundings, and his feelings about not being a part of his hometown team anymore.

BC: It’s obviously been a very emotional couple of weeks for you. Take me through your feelings about the past few weeks from getting waived by the Warriors to going to the Rockets to getting picked up by the Knicks.

JL: “It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. I think at the end of the day, as I look back, I’m just thankful for the opportunities wherever they may be. That’s just what I try to stay focused on and be thankful for them because there’s a lot of people that would love to have the opportunity I have to play basketball for a living. That’s what I try to remind myself whenever I get down about all this crazy movement that’s been going on.”

BC: Your first game of the year was against the Warriors. What was it like coming into Oracle Arena as a visitor?

JL: “It was a little weird, but it was fun. It was fun to get back on the floor to play an NBA game. It had been a while, 8 months since April and I was just really happy to get out there and just play.”

BC: What do you miss most about playing for the Warriors?

JL: “I would just say being at home and you know, being close to home and everything I was familiar with. But I’m also extremely excited to be here because I think every team is different and they have a different set of challenges and they do things a different way and I definitely enjoy everything I’ve seen and experienced here with the Knicks organization.”

BC: If the opportunity ever came up at some point in your career, would you be open to a return to the Warriors?

JL: “I would never completely write off any team. There’s no hard feelings [with the Warriors]. If that was the best opportunity for me, then for sure.”

BC: You’re still a huge fan favorite here in the Bay Area. Any message for your fans out here?

JL: “I’m just thankful for their support. Obviously it’s been a crazy ride to start off the season. But I’m just thankful for their support and hopefully I can play out there in the Bay again sometime. Hopefully I can make it back out there at some point just to be able to see [the fans] and interact with them again. So yeah, just a huge thank you.”