A chronological, illogical recap. The 76ers are never mentioned, despite killing the Dubs. 
Mark Jackson in pre-game:
“Klay Thompson. A player that I believe in, and he’s going to be a heck of a player in this league. It’s important to take advantage of the opportunities when you get it. He’s worked his tail off and I have no doubts that he’ll be ready to go.”
-5:12 PM I was a little shocked to see Klay Thompson get the starting nod. Mark Jackson has faith in the rookie, faith that is bulwarked by Thompson’s work ethic, apparently. At this point, I am keyed in on the nervous-looking rook.

Klay is well compensated, I shouldn’t ever feel sorry for him. And yet, it’s hard to watch a man flail at his perspective profession–in front of so many damned people. We often play up the human drama inherent in sports, but so much of our focus is on the winners. A rookie who never quite makes it suffers every bit as much as LeBron does in a Finals failure, if not more so. The difference is that LeBorn remains great at that which publicly defines him, whereas a failed rookie needs to new job, identity.

Game Time:
Obsessively charting Klay possessions:

Klay pass to Curry (miss)
Klay recovers loose ball, deals hockey assit (Curry jumper)
Klay nails a transition 3 at 6:07 in the 1st.
Klay steal leads to Ish layup.
This is the apogee of Klay Thompson’s pro career. This is the moment where he seems to validate Mark Jackson’s faith.

Then: Thompson gets perhaps a bit overconfident, missing on a zipped transition bounce pass. From there, Klay’s game is a microcosm of his team’s: A sputtering disaster, defined by shanked, contested shots, with a smattering of confusing TOs. On two consecutive third quarter possessions, Thompson throws the ball to no one in particular.

Warriors : )
In defeat, an unsung hero usually appears. Not tonight. This was an all-encompassing failure. Nobody belongs in the “no excuses” : ) section.
Warriors : ( 
Steph Curry: Stats never lie, but we occasionally pick the wrong ones. Sometimes, you’d be foolish to harp on an in-game plus-minus. Tonight, a -22 actually reveals Curry’s game for what it was. Steph hit 9-of-15, ended with 21 points. But he kept getting trapped on pick and rolls, which led to turnovers, two shotclock violations, and the general clogging of the GSW offense. I still believe him to be the team’s best player, but this was a rough evening for those who favor his game over Monta’s.
Post game quotes: 
ESS: “Were you getting trapped because there wasn’t an option to pass it to?”

Curry: “In the beginning, I started off hot, I got open shots. But they changed their scheme at that point. I think they just wanted somebody else to make a play with the ball.”
Story of the game right there. GSW fell apart at the drop of a trap.