By now you may know: Someone is suing Monta Ellis, Peter Guber, and Joe Lacob. The accusation is that Ellis sexually harassed a team employee in a situation that led to her firing. Burton F. Boltuch claims to be this mystery woman’s lawyer, and he promises to reveal her identity, along with incriminating “pornography” photos that implicate Ellis, at 9:30 AM on Wednesday.

I am taking his claims with a large kosher salt grain until more information surfaces. The Warriors sent a statement, succinctly reading: “We have not been presented with any lawsuit at this point.” Make of that what you will.

On Tuesday night, I spoke to Boltuch, hoping to glean some details on his accusation.

ESS: “The Warriors say they haven’t been presented with a suit. What is your response?”

BB: “They know all about the allegations I’ve been discussing with them. They haven’t seen the actual lawsuits. They’ll see it tomorrow. But they know about the allegations.”

ESS: “Can you give me any idea of a timeline for this, because I know you implicated Lacob and Guber?”

BB: “The text messages were from November 2010 to January 2011. The retaliation against my client started right there after, culminating in her termination in August.”

ESS: “And why is her identity going to be secret until tomorrow?”

BB: “She’d rather be present to talk about it. She’s very, very scared. It’s a very traumatic thing for her.”

ESS: “Why is the timing right before the NBA season? Is there a PR aspect to that?”

BB: “Absolutely not. Absolutely not. We were in discussions with the Warriors. The discussions…without casting any blame or fault..broke down. And we had to file to protect her because of the statute of limitations.”

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