Stephen Curry is unquestionably one of the best shooters in the NBA. His shooting touch is so exceptional that every missed open field goal attempt is greeted with an air of shock by fans and teammates. The Davidson product is a career 47 percent career shooter and also a 43.9 percent career 3-point shooter. His combination of ball handling skills, speed and quick release make him a nightmare defensive assignment for his opponents.

And make no mistake, the Golden State Warriors know what they have in Curry: a promising up and coming point guard with lights out shooting ability. In a nutshell, Curry is on his way to perhaps one day becoming the standard by which current point guards are measured.

The 23-year old’s talent as well as oozing potential prompted Magic Basketball writer Danny Nowell to state in a piece that he was looking forward to watching Curry play in this upcoming 2011-12 season. Nowell states:

“Let me put it to you like this: in his second-year, Curry shot fractionally worse than a player many claim to be the best shooting point guard of all time, while using almost a quarter of his team’s possessions. On top of that, only four point guards with higher usage rates had a higher assist rate, and two of them were outliers Gilbert Arenas and Lou Williams.”

Nowell is clearly a fan of the lights out shooter and with good reason. This suggests one thing: if Nowell is paying attention, he is probably not alone in noticing the talented guard.

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9 Responses

  1. Joshua Mills

    Curry is my favorite player and I hope he actually gets the reins this year and has Monta play off the ball. Not only do I think it will help Currys production, but I feel it will help the team as well.

    Glad Currys on the Warriors and I hope he stays here for his whole career and doesnt end up being like Chris Paul and leaving for a better team. Although there are rumors that he wants to go back to his hometown I hope he realizes that people love his game over here just as much and this Bay area deserves a player of his caliber and a winning team.

  2. Ryan R

    I love this kid I was in middle school in Davidson when Curry led Davidson College on multiple runs through the big dance! He’s the only reason I’m even on the blog right now!